Histrory of clip art, birthday clip art funny might be the best way to express your feelings to the loved one. It becomes one popular way to say things without texts, only with images. There are thousands of free clip art funny you can choose on the internet.

History of Clip Art

history of clip art

If you remember the time when you are in school during the 2000s and open your computer, you may find moving images or funny images come up in your documents. That is history of clip art. Clip art can come in several forms, and it can be printed or you can keep it digital. When you think about clip art or images, you need to know that photography is not clip art. Though, we can make clip art from photos or even drawing.

Clip art has been used even before the personal computer is widely used in public. It is applied mostly in the publishing industry. When publishers want to print a newspaper, for instance, they will print the paragraphs first, then they will print other elements or images separately, since they have to clip those elements to the paragraph, and after that, they can get the negative printing plate.

Where to Use Clip Art

Birthday clip art funny can be used as the decoration of your birthday card, or you can make it digitally sent via messages. Other popular zones to use digital clip arts are for presentation, on a seasonal occasion, for invitations or cards, for education purposes, or as cartoons and animation.

Using clip art as animation and cartoons can boost your marketing strategy The 2D animation might attract your customers’ attention. You can also use it for educational purpose, to beautify your school projects, materials, or lesson worksheets.

Another zone to use clip art is for invitations and custom cards. Rather than using a ready-made image, your cards would be more interesting to use a custom-made picture. There are tons of clip art images you can find on the web, which makes people with zero skilled design able to get their birthday clip art funny.

Clip arts are also created for seasonal occasions and celebrations. The creators make it to support newsletter, special offers, or articles. Some clip arts are devoted to Easter, Christmas, wedding, or birthday.

Clip arts are mostly used for presentation. To make it more attractive, people will insert relevant images, or clip art along with their presentation.

Create Your Clip Arts

Tons of digital clip arts are available online. To get it free without any copyright, choose royalty free or public domain images. Clip arts might have copyrights, that you can’t use it for commercial use. Even sometimes you need to pay for its rights.

But now, even if you are zero in skill designs, you can create your clip arts using a daily program you use. Creating clip arts tutorial available online. You can try to make one from your drawing or your available photos. Some will also teach you how to save it into a PNG file or a vector file. Now, create your birthday clip art funny.

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