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A birthday is a special moment for most people. This is why it is not surprising that most people love to celebrate their birthdays. When you are invited to a birthday party, you should bring a gift, complete with a birthday card. However, some people find it hard to create or design one. If you face the same problem, one of the ideas that you can try is adding clip art. Below are some inspirations for clip art you can add to a birthday card.

Suit and Tie

The first inspiration is suit and tie. Suit and tie clip art is the most suitable clip art if you want to give a birthday card for a man. There are so many unique suit and tie clip arts that you can pick. This kind of clip art looks simple though, as it uses accents of a suit. You can also insert this suit and tie clip art to a birthday card for your little brother.


Bulb clip art brings the impression that your friend will have a bright life in the future. It will make their birthday party cheerful. Bulb clip art makes the birthday card looks cheerful yet simple. You just need to add some words to wish your friend a happy birthday with suitable fonts. Are you interested to try this clip art?


Most men do not really like something that looks too much and tacky. So, it will be better if you choose a simple clip art. You can opt for the ones with only the words of a happy birthday. But, consider the font and colors as well. It will be better if you choose clip art that uses only one font and 2 different colors. This way, the birthday card will not look tacky.


Water Color

Water color is getting popular today for any greeting cards, including a birthday card. So, if you want to follow the trend, try to find clip art that shows water color designs. Or, you can also make it yourself if you love to do DIYs. All you need are watercolors and markers. Rely on your creativity and you will be able to create a decorative and personal birthday card with watercolor designs.


Cactus has the meaning of efforts, sincerity, and purity. It is a unique plant that you can use as clip art. Look for cactus clip art that has color gradations of green. Then, you just have to add the words of Happy Birthday in the middle. The birthday card will surely look simple yet decorative. This kind of clip art is neutral. So that you can add it to a birthday card for both men and women.


Candles are extremely identical to birthdays. So, if you do not know what clip art you should use, candle clip art is a quick solution. Such a clip art will make the birthday card looks decorative and unique. You can choose any colors. From color gradations of blue or bright colors. Type happy birthday in a hand-writing font.

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