The clip art is one of the works of art. We can categorize it as arts also. We need creative skills to design clip art. A birthday clip art is one of the easiest clip art to create. A creative birthday clip art is a very common category. People will search more specific to the entertaining, absurd, and creative birthday clip art.

What is Entertaining and Creative Birthday Clip Art?

A birthday clip art is a very interesting work of art. I can be entertaining and creative to attract people to see. Entertaining means adding something funny and absurd that can interest people. We can add funny images or silly animation and some words of jokes to the clip art without diverging from the main topic.

How to Design Entertaining Creative Birthday Clip Art?

Creativity is the skill that we need to design clip art, especially for birthday clip art. There are many components to join so that the clip art is having a connection with each component. There are some steps to design entertaining and creative birthday clip art.

Creative Birthday Clip Art
Creative Birthday Clip Art
  1. Decide the Age Range and Gender

Before we start to design birthday clip art, we should choose our focus. We have to focus on which categories. Different ranges of age will be a different concept. Different gender also needs to arrange differently. A birthday clip art for kids will be different from a birthday clip art for adults. Besides the arrangement, we have to give attention to the composition of the colors. It will affect more to the sense in the clip art. For kids and women, we need more colors. But, for men, we can compose monochrome color.

  1. Collect the Components

We can start by making a list of the components. There are many components for a birthday clip art. Choosing the correct components will be important to avoid hyperbolic clip art that will ruin the other components. All the components should be balanced and connect each component. For birthday clip art, the components are the birthday cake with candles, the balloons, the birthday wishes, the birthday presents, and some additional components. For our reminder, too many components will make the clip art looks crowded and decrease its meaning.

  1. Arrange the Concept

After collecting the components, we have to arrange a good concept for our birthday clip art. Then, we apply all the components according to our concept of arrangement. The arrangement of the components should be acceptable.

  1. Add Some Entertaining Components

If we want to design an entertaining and creative birthday clip art, we choose the additional components carefully. Those components should blend with our concept. Entertaining components include silly jokes and funny animation and cartoons. Even an absurd animation can be entertaining also.

We may design entertaining and creative clip art, but we cannot forget about politeness. Let’s create an entertaining and creative birthday clip art in a good way without any rudeness and racism in it. Clip art will be more interesting if it is simple and meaningful so that people can obtain the message inside the clip art well.

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