Yup, it’s time for another birthday greetings. As long as you have birthday clip arts in hand, everything is a lot simpler. Now, let’s say you want to use those clip arts in a video. But, first, you need to make sure that you shoot the proper video for the birthday greetings.

Having a sophisticated camera is not a guarantee that the picture will be good, we must know how to shoot properly.

  1. 1. Preparation

Have a planning stage because not all shoots are spontaneous. A little preparation is not the same as no preparation at all. It is good to have a fixed mind about what you will be shooting. Have an idea about how to stream video in general.

Happy Birthday Video
Happy Birthday Video
  1. 2. Check Sound

These tips may not be important for household users. But if you are a professional videographer, you must have a microphone installed on your camcorder. Microphones are important tools so that sound produces better audio quality. Remember, the voice says almost half of what you want to describe in your video.

  1. Avoid Zooming In and Out Too Much

Digital camcorders are currently produced with super duper features 1000x zoom in and zoom out. This is a good thing, but the problem is that many people get carried away using this feature without knowing what the weak point is. Use this zoom in and out feature to a minimum. Even if you have to use it, do it slowly. Using this feature slowly is much more professional than using a fast zoom.

  1. Use a Tripod

Most homemade videos will shake the image, and that’s very uncomfortable to look at. And to overcome that you need a Tripod to keep your camera calm and not shake when you take pictures.

Happy Birthday Video
Happy Birthday Video
  1. Position the Shooting well

A bad cameraman is He who is lazy to move places. Move, move your body to aim the cleanest video shot without any obstruction. Look for the best angle shoot position in your opinion. Have multiple images in various angles. The more ingredients you can get the more choices you can have. If the recording fails, another angle shot can cover for it. Try not to move while the camera is still working (RECORD)

  1. 6. Short & Simple

Never shoot a video clip for more than two minutes. Using many short clips of 10 to 20 seconds duration is much more effective.

Short & Simple
Short & Simple
  1. 7. Avoid Backlight

Do not force against light, Avoid strong light in front of you, you must turn your back to the light source, if you are forced to fight it by using lighting / lighting, you can also use a reflector, but that is for subjects at close range.

  1. 8. Lighting

You need to have your own lighting system to help the camera that we have. The thing that damages the video is bad lighting. I have seen some innovative videos damaged by bad lighting. keep in mind that keeping a well-lit area is very important for the success of the shoot. Especially for shooting indoors.

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