Birthdays are proof of excitement that can’t be bought with money and is also a great time to share happiness with family and friends. One way is to surprise you with a beautifully designed birthday card.

Happy birthday cards are always present and coloring the birthday love, for that you can make a card that contains these congratulations to always be remembered forever.

Birthday Clip Arts
Birthday Clip Arts

The method is quite easy, you can replace the usual birthday card with an original design that you made with all your heart. Like the following examples.

  1. Take advantage of Used Buttons

button happy birthday cards Has your shirt been taken off or kept at home with buttons? Instead of unused better use it to decorate your birthday card.

After cutting the cardboard (or other material) for the card, stick and assemble some used buttons on the front of the card. Then draw a small rope that depicts as if hanging the button from above.

Then you can add leaves or dried branches as a sweetener. Or you can also use ribbons and lace to decorate the edges of the cards.

  1. Use Used Goods at Home

secondhand happy birthday cards Your mother or sister likes to collect unused items at home? It turns out these objects can be useful you know, like when you want to make a birthday card yourself.

To make a minimalist happy birthday card, stick a piece of gift paper on cardboard. Then flannel scissors as you wish, for example the shape of a star to symbolize decorations or decorations of birthday trees. You can also attach metal buttons on the edge of the card to make it even more beautiful.

  1. Creative Thinking

One icon that is always found on birthdays is Santa Claus’ balloon. Think creatively to include birthday elements such as balloons in your happy birthday card decorations.

Creative Thinking
Creative Thinking

Draw balloons on the card using these objects. First, draw and color the balloon using colored pencils or brown markers on cardboard. Then stick a small wire or matchstick that has been cut as part of a balloon. Paste also beads for the balloon.

  1. Use some Birthday Clip Arts

Another easy way to make a birthday card is to stick a birthday-themed clip arts you can find online for free. Select and combine the birthday clip arts that you like and stick them on the front and on the cards. To be more beautiful you can add a ribbon or other ornaments on the edge of the card. In this way, you can make your Birthday card a lot more interesting and beautiful.

It’s just that, besides greeting via social media, it never hurts to make our own Happy happy birthday cards for certain people. Despite spending time and energy, a self-made Happy birthday card certainly makes it more special.

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