In addition to stay in touch and eat together, exchanging birthday birthday cards is also a tradition when birthdays arrive. The cards sent are usually filled with interesting sentences and decorations for the reader, whether family, friends, or coworkers. The sentence can be in the form of congratulations celebrating birthdays, apologies, and wishes for birthdays the following year.

Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
Amazing Birthday Clip Arts

If the previous year gave a ready-made birthday card by buying it in an offline or online store, how about this year the birthday card is made by yourself? No need to worry about bad results, by following a few tips that have been summarized, your birthday card can be far more interesting and unique. Come on, see and immediately practiced!

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials Needed

The first step is to prepare the tools and materials needed to make birthday birthday cards, such as origami paper, cardboard, glue, scissors, stationery, and crayons. Prepare complete tools and materials, making birthday cards easier and faster. Don’t forget to prepare additional ingredients, such as ribbons or beads if you need them. Adjust the number of Birthday card recipients so that the items purchased are not redundant.

Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
  1. Create a Birthday Card Framework

What kind of birthday card do you want? Is that a birthday card that is plain or shaped in such a way? Rather than most asking inwardly, it’s better to prepare the skeleton first. Make 2-3 frames at once as an additional option if the first frame is less attractive. You can also benefit from free birthday clip arts that are available online.

Adjust the outline of the card to your taste and the age of the person who receives it later. Avoid birthday cards that are too up to date if the recipient is old. Because the enthusiasm of parents is much different from the enthusiasm of young people that enjoy bola 88.

  1. Use the Right Technique

Making a birthday card yourself isn’t difficult, but it can’t be taken lightly either. However, you must pay attention to the correct manufacturing techniques so that the birthday cards you make are far more attractive than those sold in stores. Take the time to learn card making techniques, especially for the cutting section. Any good image design will definitely be damaged if cut in the wrong way.

  1. Prepare interesting words

Avoid monotonous words, like “Happy Birthday” or just apologize in the opening sentence. Try using more interesting words so that the person who receives it becomes more enthusiastic about reading your gift card. For example, interspersed with rhymes or sentences containing comedy, poetry and so on.

Prepare interesting words
Prepare interesting words
  1. Include Recipient’s Name

Make sure you include the names of the recipients, in an interesting way of course. This will make it easier for you when you need to give the birthday cards to the right person. To avoid damaging the contents and decoration of the cards, you can stick sticky notes at the top of the birthday birthday card. After reading it later, the recipient can save the birthday card.

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