Giving a birthday card can show you’re your true friendship or any kind of affection in a good way. But unfortunately, the same birthday card design can make the recipient feel bored. As a result, after copying the info on the birthday card, they then discard it because it was deemed unnecessary. Another case if the birthday card you provide has an attractive design. People will feel sorry to throw it away so that it is finally saved. Want to make birthday cards like this? Here are the tips.

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card
  1. 3W Must Be Clear

The essence of birthday cards is who, what, and wish. These three things must be clearly displayed. Your name, status (whether friends, best friends, boyfriends, etc.), and your hopes for him must be conveyed to the reader of your birthday card. It is also important to include a company logo if available. This will make it easy for your colleagues to remember. Do not forget to also include contacts that can be contacted such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and website addresses. You can also add some birthday clip art in order to make it more cheerful.

  1. Easy to read

The choice of font style, color, and size of letters that are less appropriate can make the info on the birthday card difficult to read. Don’t be tempted to use weird font styles or choose font sizes that are too small. What is visible on a computer screen is not necessarily the same result when printed. Therefore, before printing, pay close attention when designing. What does it mean to make a birthday card if it’s hard to read?

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card
  1. Colorful or Simple?

Designing birthday cards that involve lots of colors can make it interesting, but of course if the right color combination is used. Colorful birthday cards can show the impression of originality and cheerfulness. But that does not mean simple color designs are less attractive. If you want the recipient of the birthday card to more easily remember the info inside, simple color design plays an important role in that.

  1. Consistent Color Shades

Consistent here means, the color concept that you use on the birthday card should also reflect the color that indicates the identity of the recipient of karu. For example if he is a jolly on one beauty website, which website uses blue as the dominant color, then your birthday card should also use the same color.

  1. Insert Image

If your company sells building materials, poker online, beauty products, or car rental, then including pictures relating to the celebration will make it easy for people to remember. Images can convey intentions better than a collection of text. Prepare more space for laying this image, for example in the middle (can be made as a background if the image is too large).

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card

Sending a greeting at someone’s birthday, is a kind of necessity for some people. In the past, we sent greeting cards by post. Then, which is now rife in this digital era, sending greeting cards can be done via e-mail or other social media applications. However, just make sure you know what kind of birthday clip art to use.

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