Birthday Clip Arts for AnimationBirthday Clip Arts for Animation

Are you interested in making birthday animation for the beloved ones? Yup, the availability of so many animation software, both commercial and free, has given birth to so many animators (animation makers). Some animators were born after they were formed through training from intensive multimedia course institutions, while others trained themselves in a self-taught manner.

Birthday Clip Arts for Animation
Birthday Clip Arts for Animation

No matter how one learns to make animations, the most important thing is that an animator can create animations that are realistic, entertaining and even informative (Note: Compare animation examples in the article “Learning about Animation” to get an idea of ​​good and bad animations).

For those who learn self-taught animation, here are some tips and ways that might be thought and considered in order to produce interesting animations.

Make a Unique, Interesting and Easy to Understand Animation Story

Imagination is never ending so make a unique animated story, which is different from other animations. Unique animations are much more fun to see than new animations made with the same theme.

Don’t just spell out clear and detailed words in the animation you are building because it means you are making a documentary, not an animation. An animation must have a story line. The story line is an important part of making your animation original.

Birthday Clip Arts for Animation
Birthday Clip Arts for Animation

No matter how good the story line you make, your animation will be “discarded” if until the 50th second, the animation you make cannot be understood the storyline. If your story is difficult to understand, those who see your animation will not be “bound” to continue seeing the animation until it’s finished.

In addition, animation is enjoyed not only by adults, but also by children. Therefore, make an animation that can be understood by people of all ages.

Take One Step Ahead

Your animation will be fun if the ending of the story you present cannot be guessed by those who see it.


Although it is not easy to make a story that can interest everyone, but an animator can make a story that makes those who see the animation laugh. Humor can give an impression and positive message, which can “tie” to continue to see animation until the end. This is highly related to the use of birthday clip arts. So, make sure you choose your clip art wisely.



Make characters in the form of people, judi online, animals or objects that can be used to guide those who see your animation to the story that you create so that they can understand the story line clearly, and even feel the emotions that are happening in the animated story. As explained below, make a research about the character that is being and will be built.


When accepting a challenge to make an animation, an animator can get too excited and jump right in to start making the animation. However, this is very dangerous because without in-depth research on what you will make in the animation, you will very easily lose the idea in the middle of making animation. Therefore, to be able to imagine what animation will be made later, look for as much information as possible from other sources, such as books, magazines, films or documentary files.

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