Now that you have the script for what to show in your birthday animation, it’s time to make a storyboard. What is a storyboard? Simply put, storyboards can be understood as a rough depiction of the entire video.

For beginners, this step will be very helpful. Storyboard will help you to predict how the video will be made. You also need to utilize some GIF or birthday Clip Arts.

Determine the type of animation video to be created

There are many types of animated videos to choose from. Here are some types of animated videos that are often encountered:

2D animation

This type of animation displays 2D (2-dimensional) characters. Animations like this are very common because they are relatively easier to make but are still interesting.

3D animation

This type of animation displays 3D characters (3 dimensions). When compared with 2D animated characters, 3D characters look more real and volume.

3D animation
3D animation

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is commonly used as a learning medium. His trademark is the characters in the video that seemed to be made on a whiteboard.

Typographic animation

Typographic animation combines movement animation with writing. You can find this type of animation in the lyric video.

Animated infographics

Animated infographics usually contain graphic data. The main purpose of this animation is to make boring-looking data interesting.

Animated infographics
Animated infographics

Start making videos

Now it’s time you make a video. To make videos, you can rely on your own abilities. Simply armed with a computer device, internet connection, and a website or software that supports making animation, then you can produce your own animated video.

However, if you are still unsure of your own abilities, it never hurts to recruit experts. No need to recruit full time staff or in-house teams, you can recruit independent staff for short projects. is ready to help you connect directly with experienced animation video makers.

Add the appropriate background music

Animated videos will be less attractive without background music. Besides being able to make videos more interesting, background music can also help you to create the desired atmosphere. For example for a tense atmosphere like judi poker ceme online, you can add background music in the form of lightning sound.

However, it should be noted, when choosing music background make sure the audio is indeed copyright-free. There are many sites that can be destined to get copyright-free audio, such as the YouTube Audio Library, Free Stock Music, to HookSound.

Create a narrative story

You are now closer to your own animated video. What is the final step that must be done? The final step in making animation is to add narration to the story.

Narrative stories will help viewers to better understand your video so that later they can react as expected.

Create a narrative story
Create a narrative story

To add story narration, you can do voice over. Voice over is the sound that is added to a finished video. You can record your own voice or use the services of experts who are already experienced in terms of voice over. Now you are done! Make sure you review your animation again in order to clean it up from any kind of little mistakes that you made without knowing it.

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