Got a free time? Well, using your time to make a creation, is one thing that is interesting and certainly fun. We can make various things with our own hands, even without the help of others. This also will certainly make us feel more satisfied, happy and can produce something.

DIY Birthday Card
DIY Birthday Card

Did you know that by utilizing creativity, we can produce something like money to play at situs judi poker. With these results, of course there will be satisfaction for us, yes. This time we will look at DIY on how to make 3D greeting cards with blimps. Let’s see step by step the following.

First prepare the materials and tools that follow.

These tools and materials must be ready when we will start making them.

  1. First prepare color paper, or what is commonly called colored buffalo paper. You can prepare paper in various colors, use the color you want. Also, make sure you have downloaded and printed the appropriate birthday clip art and cut it accordingly.
  2. Second, you can prepare a pencil, of course, it will be useful to make a line on the paper to be cut.
  3. Next is the glue that will be used to stick to the paper decoration.
  4. The fourth is scissors, of course its function is to cut paper and decoration.
  5. The fifth material is siet yarn / strimin yarn. This thread will we use later as a rope from the greeting card decoration.
  6. The sixth is a round item, this time we will use a small insulation. This tape has the right round size, so the shape is more fitting.
  7. Next is the color pencil / crayon of course its function is to color the paper we will use.
DIY Birthday Card
DIY Birthday Card

If all the tools and materials are ready, then the next stage is making 3D greeting cards. Let’s look at the steps below.

  1. The initial step is to cut the paper according to the size we want. This time we will use yellow paper as the basis for greeting cards.
  2. The second way is to fan the paper in a horizontal direction. This method must be done in order to get a card that fits the size. At this stage you can use paper and of course it will be easier to cut paper later.
  3. The third way is the cutting stage, you have to cut the paper into 2 yes.
  4. Then you can fold the paper again into 2 parts, fold the paper with the sides that are parallel or equal.
  5. The fifth is the stage of making card decorations, at this stage you can use other color paper. Here we will use light green paper, but if you want to use other colors it is OK. Make 3 round shapes on the paper, and here you can use any objects that are around you as long as they are round.
  6. 6. Thirteenth is the stage of making decorations at the top of a blimp. Don’t forget to paste the birthday clip art that you cut into pieces earlier.

Now, you are done. Your birthday card is ready to be presented! Have a good day!

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