Birthday Clip Art AnimationBirthday Clip Art Animation

Birthday card might sound dull. So, it’s time to pull another tech-savvy birthday celebration. Yup, we are going to make birthday animation. Remember, this is a simple work. All you need is some writing and birthday clip art. Let’s begin.

In some animation studios, an animator is given a long description of a character to be animated, even poses that make the character interesting or poses that should not be included in the animation. Some professional animators even print the characters they will animate and hang them on their desks so that they can keep in mind the original character of the object they are animating.

Birthday Clip Art Animation
Birthday Clip Art Animation

Exploration of Ideas

A professional animator usually works with deadlines so sometimes they “forget” to explore more ideas. However, animators who want to take the time to doodle, look for ideas from fellow animators or their friends even taking the time to talk about the animation they are working on can make an animator give birth to interesting ideas that make the animation he makes more interesting. In fact, for some animators, some of the best ideas are not their personal ideas at all, but they come from the collaboration of several creative people who work together. Therefore, when you find an idea, open the internet or look for additional references. Never be afraid to go out of your safe zone to animate your new ideas.

Look for Ways to “Encourage” Your Idea

Focus only on ideas that are really clear in your mind. Although some animators always try to “encourage” their imagination to try new ideas by imitating their friends’ animations, but in reality, not all of the animation’s results look better. So it’s important to keep “pushing” exploring your own ideas.

Birthday Clip Art Animation
Birthday Clip Art Animation

Solve Animations per Frame

Observe the animation that you make in each frame and ask what makes the animation so interesting. Observe in each frame, the time and pose of the animation that you make and give changes to the pose or time of the animation so that it produces a better animation.

Sound Effects

Music or sound effects are one of the important things that need to be included in an animation. Good sound effects are effects that can work in harmony with animation. However, a bad sound effect can even make any good animation look unappealing.

Regarding the music used, it is better if the animator creates his own music to be included in the animation.

Show Your Animation Results

Show your animation to as many friends and bosses as possible, then ask for their opinions. This is very beneficial because if there are additional ideas from them, you can easily fix them.

Birthday Clip Art Animation
Birthday Clip Art Animation

Final Touch

Take the time to make the finishing touches to the animation, including adding detailed fine details to the animation. Even small things like symmetrical facial poses can add value to your animation. Sometimes at the end of this touch, there are details that initially felt trivial and not important to note, it turns out after being repaired can make the animation that was built to be extraordinarily interesting.

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