9 Tips for Shooting a Happy Birthday Video

Yup, it’s time for another birthday greetings. As long as you have birthday clip arts in hand, everything is a lot simpler. Now, let’s say you want to use those clip arts in a video. But, first, you need to make sure that you shoot the proper video for the birthday greetings.

Having a sophisticated camera is not a guarantee that the picture will be good, we must know how to shoot properly.

  1. 1. Preparation

Have a planning stage because not all shoots are spontaneous. A little preparation is not the same as no preparation at all. It is good to have a fixed mind about what you will be shooting. Have an idea about how to stream video in general.

Happy Birthday Video
Happy Birthday Video
  1. 2. Check Sound

These tips may not be important for household users. But if you are a professional videographer, you must have a microphone installed on your camcorder. Microphones are important tools so that sound produces better audio quality. Remember, the voice says almost half of what you want to describe in your video.

  1. Avoid Zooming In and Out Too Much

Digital camcorders are currently produced with super duper features 1000x zoom in and zoom out. This is a good thing, but the problem is that many people get carried away using this feature without knowing what the weak point is. Use this zoom in and out feature to a minimum. Even if you have to use it, do it slowly. Using this feature slowly is much more professional than using a fast zoom.

  1. Use a Tripod

Most homemade videos will shake the image, and that’s very uncomfortable to look at. And to overcome that you need a Tripod to keep your camera calm and not shake when you take pictures.

Happy Birthday Video
Happy Birthday Video
  1. Position the Shooting well

A bad cameraman is He who is lazy to move places. Move, move your body to aim the cleanest video shot without any obstruction. Look for the best angle shoot position in your opinion. Have multiple images in various angles. The more ingredients you can get the more choices you can have. If the recording fails, another angle shot can cover for it. Try not to move while the camera is still working (RECORD)

  1. 6. Short & Simple

Never shoot a video clip for more than two minutes. Using many short clips of 10 to 20 seconds duration is much more effective.

Short & Simple
Short & Simple
  1. 7. Avoid Backlight

Do not force against light, Avoid strong light in front of you, you must turn your back to the light source, if you are forced to fight it by using lighting / lighting, you can also use a reflector, but that is for subjects at close range.

  1. 8. Lighting

You need to have your own lighting system to help the camera that we have. The thing that damages the video is bad lighting. I have seen some innovative videos damaged by bad lighting. keep in mind that keeping a well-lit area is very important for the success of the shoot. Especially for shooting indoors.

4 Essential Tips to Make Birthday Cards with Online Birthday Clip Arts

Birthdays are proof of excitement that can’t be bought with money and is also a great time to share happiness with family and friends. One way is to surprise you with a beautifully designed birthday card.

Happy birthday cards are always present and coloring the birthday love, for that you can make a card that contains these congratulations to always be remembered forever.

Birthday Clip Arts
Birthday Clip Arts

The method is quite easy, you can replace the usual birthday card with an original design that you made with all your heart. Like the following examples.

  1. Take advantage of Used Buttons

button happy birthday cards Has your shirt been taken off or kept at home with buttons? Instead of unused better use it to decorate your birthday card.

After cutting the cardboard (or other material) for the card, stick and assemble some used buttons on the front of the card. Then draw a small rope that depicts as if hanging the button from above.

Then you can add leaves or dried branches as a sweetener. Or you can also use ribbons and lace to decorate the edges of the cards.

  1. Use Used Goods at Home

secondhand happy birthday cards Your mother or sister likes to collect unused items at home? It turns out these objects can be useful you know, like when you want to make a birthday card yourself.

To make a minimalist happy birthday card, stick a piece of gift paper on cardboard. Then flannel scissors as you wish, for example the shape of a star to symbolize decorations or decorations of birthday trees. You can also attach metal buttons on the edge of the card to make it even more beautiful.

  1. Creative Thinking

One icon that is always found on birthdays is Santa Claus’ balloon. Think creatively to include birthday elements such as balloons in your happy birthday card decorations.

Creative Thinking
Creative Thinking

Draw balloons on the card using these objects. First, draw and color the balloon using colored pencils or brown markers on cardboard. Then stick a small wire or matchstick that has been cut as part of a balloon. Paste also beads for the balloon.

  1. Use some Birthday Clip Arts

Another easy way to make a birthday card is to stick a birthday-themed clip arts you can find online for free. Select and combine the birthday clip arts that you like and stick them on the front and on the cards. To be more beautiful you can add a ribbon or other ornaments on the edge of the card. In this way, you can make your Birthday card a lot more interesting and beautiful.

It’s just that, besides greeting via social media, it never hurts to make our own Happy happy birthday cards for certain people. Despite spending time and energy, a self-made Happy birthday card certainly makes it more special.

Make Your Own Birthday Card with Amazing Birthday Clip Arts!

In addition to stay in touch and eat together, exchanging birthday birthday cards is also a tradition when birthdays arrive. The cards sent are usually filled with interesting sentences and decorations for the reader, whether family, friends, or coworkers. The sentence can be in the form of congratulations celebrating birthdays, apologies, and wishes for birthdays the following year.

Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
Amazing Birthday Clip Arts

If the previous year gave a ready-made birthday card by buying it in an offline or online store, how about this year the birthday card is made by yourself? No need to worry about bad results, by following a few tips that have been summarized Cermati.com, your birthday card can be far more interesting and unique. Come on, see and immediately practiced!

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials Needed

The first step is to prepare the tools and materials needed to make birthday birthday cards, such as origami paper, cardboard, glue, scissors, stationery, and crayons. Prepare complete tools and materials, making birthday cards easier and faster. Don’t forget to prepare additional ingredients, such as ribbons or beads if you need them. Adjust the number of Birthday card recipients so that the items purchased are not redundant.

Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
  1. Create a Birthday Card Framework

What kind of birthday card do you want? Is that a birthday card that is plain or shaped in such a way? Rather than most asking inwardly, it’s better to prepare the skeleton first. Make 2-3 frames at once as an additional option if the first frame is less attractive. You can also benefit from free birthday clip arts that are available online.

Adjust the outline of the card to your taste and the age of the person who receives it later. Avoid birthday cards that are too up to date if the recipient is old. Because the enthusiasm of parents is much different from the enthusiasm of young people that enjoy bola 88.

  1. Use the Right Technique

Making a birthday card yourself isn’t difficult, but it can’t be taken lightly either. However, you must pay attention to the correct manufacturing techniques so that the birthday cards you make are far more attractive than those sold in stores. Take the time to learn card making techniques, especially for the cutting section. Any good image design will definitely be damaged if cut in the wrong way.

  1. Prepare interesting words

Avoid monotonous words, like “Happy Birthday” or just apologize in the opening sentence. Try using more interesting words so that the person who receives it becomes more enthusiastic about reading your gift card. For example, interspersed with rhymes or sentences containing comedy, poetry and so on.

Prepare interesting words
Prepare interesting words
  1. Include Recipient’s Name

Make sure you include the names of the recipients, in an interesting way of course. This will make it easier for you when you need to give the birthday cards to the right person. To avoid damaging the contents and decoration of the cards, you can stick sticky notes at the top of the birthday birthday card. After reading it later, the recipient can save the birthday card.

5 Ways to Design a Birthday Card with Proper Clip Arts

Giving a birthday card can show you’re your true friendship or any kind of affection in a good way. But unfortunately, the same birthday card design can make the recipient feel bored. As a result, after copying the info on the birthday card, they then discard it because it was deemed unnecessary. Another case if the birthday card you provide has an attractive design. People will feel sorry to throw it away so that it is finally saved. Want to make birthday cards like this? Here are the tips.

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card
  1. 3W Must Be Clear

The essence of birthday cards is who, what, and wish. These three things must be clearly displayed. Your name, status (whether friends, best friends, boyfriends, etc.), and your hopes for him must be conveyed to the reader of your birthday card. It is also important to include a company logo if available. This will make it easy for your colleagues to remember. Do not forget to also include contacts that can be contacted such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and website addresses. You can also add some birthday clip art in order to make it more cheerful.

  1. Easy to read

The choice of font style, color, and size of letters that are less appropriate can make the info on the birthday card difficult to read. Don’t be tempted to use weird font styles or choose font sizes that are too small. What is visible on a computer screen is not necessarily the same result when printed. Therefore, before printing, pay close attention when designing. What does it mean to make a birthday card if it’s hard to read?

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card
  1. Colorful or Simple?

Designing birthday cards that involve lots of colors can make it interesting, but of course if the right color combination is used. Colorful birthday cards can show the impression of originality and cheerfulness. But that does not mean simple color designs are less attractive. If you want the recipient of the birthday card to more easily remember the info inside, simple color design plays an important role in that.

  1. Consistent Color Shades

Consistent here means, the color concept that you use on the birthday card should also reflect the color that indicates the identity of the recipient of karu. For example if he is a jolly on one beauty website, which website uses blue as the dominant color, then your birthday card should also use the same color.

  1. Insert Image

If your company sells building materials, poker online, beauty products, or car rental, then including pictures relating to the celebration will make it easy for people to remember. Images can convey intentions better than a collection of text. Prepare more space for laying this image, for example in the middle (can be made as a background if the image is too large).

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card

Sending a greeting at someone’s birthday, is a kind of necessity for some people. In the past, we sent greeting cards by post. Then, which is now rife in this digital era, sending greeting cards can be done via e-mail or other social media applications. However, just make sure you know what kind of birthday clip art to use.

Tips and Trick of Choosing Birthday Clip Arts for Animation

Are you interested in making birthday animation for the beloved ones? Yup, the availability of so many animation software, both commercial and free, has given birth to so many animators (animation makers). Some animators were born after they were formed through training from intensive multimedia course institutions, while others trained themselves in a self-taught manner.

Birthday Clip Arts for Animation
Birthday Clip Arts for Animation

No matter how one learns to make animations, the most important thing is that an animator can create animations that are realistic, entertaining and even informative (Note: Compare animation examples in the article “Learning about Animation” to get an idea of ​​good and bad animations).

For those who learn self-taught animation, here are some tips and ways that might be thought and considered in order to produce interesting animations.

Make a Unique, Interesting and Easy to Understand Animation Story

Imagination is never ending so make a unique animated story, which is different from other animations. Unique animations are much more fun to see than new animations made with the same theme.

Don’t just spell out clear and detailed words in the animation you are building because it means you are making a documentary, not an animation. An animation must have a story line. The story line is an important part of making your animation original.

Birthday Clip Arts for Animation
Birthday Clip Arts for Animation

No matter how good the story line you make, your animation will be “discarded” if until the 50th second, the animation you make cannot be understood the storyline. If your story is difficult to understand, those who see your animation will not be “bound” to continue seeing the animation until it’s finished.

In addition, animation is enjoyed not only by adults, but also by children. Therefore, make an animation that can be understood by people of all ages.

Take One Step Ahead

Your animation will be fun if the ending of the story you present cannot be guessed by those who see it.


Although it is not easy to make a story that can interest everyone, but an animator can make a story that makes those who see the animation laugh. Humor can give an impression and positive message, which can “tie” to continue to see animation until the end. This is highly related to the use of birthday clip arts. So, make sure you choose your clip art wisely.



Make characters in the form of people, judi online, animals or objects that can be used to guide those who see your animation to the story that you create so that they can understand the story line clearly, and even feel the emotions that are happening in the animated story. As explained below, make a research about the character that is being and will be built.


When accepting a challenge to make an animation, an animator can get too excited and jump right in to start making the animation. However, this is very dangerous because without in-depth research on what you will make in the animation, you will very easily lose the idea in the middle of making animation. Therefore, to be able to imagine what animation will be made later, look for as much information as possible from other sources, such as books, magazines, films or documentary files.

Birthday Clip Art and Birthday Card Paper

Birthday cards have a function that is quite important, especially for those of you who are engaged in the deep relationship. Birthday cards can be a source of imaging for you and the friendship you are building. Therefore you must make a birthday card as well as possible in accordance with the impression that the owner of the birthday card wants to make to everyone who reads it.

Birthday Clip Art
Birthday Clip Art

In addition to good design, the material of the birthday card also determines the impression that is created from the birthday card. Therefore, let us consider carefully the discussion below and determine the type of birthday card material that is right for you.

Type of Birthday Card Material

Art Paper

Art Paper has a smooth, smooth and glossy surface. The thickness is quite diverse, ranging from 85 gr, 100 gr, 115 gr, 120 gr up to 150 gr. The coated art paper surface makes art paper not easy to absorb liquid. Therefore, if pen ink is used, the ink will slow to dry so that it can pollute birthday cards.

Blues White (BW)

White Blues or more familiarly called BW is a kind of smooth but not coated paper such as art paper and art carton. Blues white is similar to Manila paper, not shiny, stiff, but writable. White Blues can only be printed one side.

Blues White (BW)
Blues White (BW)

Mohawk Option

Mohawk option is an imported material with thicknesses of 104 gr, 118 gr, 176 gr, 216 gr and 243 gr. Uniquely, this material is recycled material from used paper. This type of paper is uncoated and has a very smooth surface. This makes the Mohawk option have a high ink absorption. The results of printing using this paper are very good, therefore this material is very popular with people who are engaged in graphic design. This type of material can be printed 2 sides (back and forth).

Japanese linen

Japanese linen is local paper. This material is usually used for charter making. Linen paper has a white color with a striped texture. This material is perfect for those of you who want to make birthday cards for your company. Because, this material gives the impression of an exclusive but not excessive.

Japanese linen
Japanese linen

Linen Holland

Linen Holland is an imported paper. Basically, linen holland is similar to Japanese linen, but the color of linen holland is whiter and slightly thicker. The texture is the same as Japanese linen in that there are white lines, but this texture is more clearly seen in holland linen.


Is a material that is quite artistic because it is textured like wood fiber. This material is quite popular because of its unique texture. Nettuno is perfect if you want to create a minimalist birthday card design.


So, which one do you think is the best for your birthday card? Remember, not only do you need to choose the right paper, you also need to choose the proper birthday clip art in order to make a nice birthday card for your friends from dadu online.

How to Say Happy Birthday through Animation and Birthday Clip Arts

Now that you have the script for what to show in your birthday animation, it’s time to make a storyboard. What is a storyboard? Simply put, storyboards can be understood as a rough depiction of the entire video.

For beginners, this step will be very helpful. Storyboard will help you to predict how the video will be made. You also need to utilize some GIF or birthday Clip Arts.

Determine the type of animation video to be created

There are many types of animated videos to choose from. Here are some types of animated videos that are often encountered:

2D animation

This type of animation displays 2D (2-dimensional) characters. Animations like this are very common because they are relatively easier to make but are still interesting.

3D animation

This type of animation displays 3D characters (3 dimensions). When compared with 2D animated characters, 3D characters look more real and volume.

3D animation
3D animation

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is commonly used as a learning medium. His trademark is the characters in the video that seemed to be made on a whiteboard.

Typographic animation

Typographic animation combines movement animation with writing. You can find this type of animation in the lyric video.

Animated infographics

Animated infographics usually contain graphic data. The main purpose of this animation is to make boring-looking data interesting.

Animated infographics
Animated infographics

Start making videos

Now it’s time you make a video. To make videos, you can rely on your own abilities. Simply armed with a computer device, internet connection, and a website or software that supports making animation, then you can produce your own animated video.

However, if you are still unsure of your own abilities, it never hurts to recruit experts. No need to recruit full time staff or in-house teams, you can recruit independent staff for short projects. Fastwork.id is ready to help you connect directly with experienced animation video makers.

Add the appropriate background music

Animated videos will be less attractive without background music. Besides being able to make videos more interesting, background music can also help you to create the desired atmosphere. For example for a tense atmosphere like judi poker ceme online, you can add background music in the form of lightning sound.

However, it should be noted, when choosing music background make sure the audio is indeed copyright-free. There are many sites that can be destined to get copyright-free audio, such as the YouTube Audio Library, Free Stock Music, to HookSound.

Create a narrative story

You are now closer to your own animated video. What is the final step that must be done? The final step in making animation is to add narration to the story.

Narrative stories will help viewers to better understand your video so that later they can react as expected.

Create a narrative story
Create a narrative story

To add story narration, you can do voice over. Voice over is the sound that is added to a finished video. You can record your own voice or use the services of experts who are already experienced in terms of voice over. Now you are done! Make sure you review your animation again in order to clean it up from any kind of little mistakes that you made without knowing it.

DIY Birthday Card with Birthday Clip Art

Got a free time? Well, using your time to make a creation, is one thing that is interesting and certainly fun. We can make various things with our own hands, even without the help of others. This also will certainly make us feel more satisfied, happy and can produce something.

DIY Birthday Card
DIY Birthday Card

Did you know that by utilizing creativity, we can produce something like money to play at situs judi poker. With these results, of course there will be satisfaction for us, yes. This time we will look at DIY on how to make 3D greeting cards with blimps. Let’s see step by step the following.

First prepare the materials and tools that follow.

These tools and materials must be ready when we will start making them.

  1. First prepare color paper, or what is commonly called colored buffalo paper. You can prepare paper in various colors, use the color you want. Also, make sure you have downloaded and printed the appropriate birthday clip art and cut it accordingly.
  2. Second, you can prepare a pencil, of course, it will be useful to make a line on the paper to be cut.
  3. Next is the glue that will be used to stick to the paper decoration.
  4. The fourth is scissors, of course its function is to cut paper and decoration.
  5. The fifth material is siet yarn / strimin yarn. This thread will we use later as a rope from the greeting card decoration.
  6. The sixth is a round item, this time we will use a small insulation. This tape has the right round size, so the shape is more fitting.
  7. Next is the color pencil / crayon of course its function is to color the paper we will use.
DIY Birthday Card
DIY Birthday Card

If all the tools and materials are ready, then the next stage is making 3D greeting cards. Let’s look at the steps below.

  1. The initial step is to cut the paper according to the size we want. This time we will use yellow paper as the basis for greeting cards.
  2. The second way is to fan the paper in a horizontal direction. This method must be done in order to get a card that fits the size. At this stage you can use paper and of course it will be easier to cut paper later.
  3. The third way is the cutting stage, you have to cut the paper into 2 yes.
  4. Then you can fold the paper again into 2 parts, fold the paper with the sides that are parallel or equal.
  5. The fifth is the stage of making card decorations, at this stage you can use other color paper. Here we will use light green paper, but if you want to use other colors it is OK. Make 3 round shapes on the paper, and here you can use any objects that are around you as long as they are round.
  6. 6. Thirteenth is the stage of making decorations at the top of a blimp. Don’t forget to paste the birthday clip art that you cut into pieces earlier.

Now, you are done. Your birthday card is ready to be presented! Have a good day!

Birthday Clip Art Animation : Another Tech-Savvy Greeting

Birthday card might sound dull. So, it’s time to pull another tech-savvy birthday celebration. Yup, we are going to make birthday animation. Remember, this is a simple work. All you need is some writing and birthday clip art. Let’s begin.

In some animation studios, an animator is given a long description of a character to be animated, even poses that make the character interesting or poses that should not be included in the animation. Some professional animators even print the characters they will animate and hang them on their desks so that they can keep in mind the original character of the object they are animating.

Birthday Clip Art Animation
Birthday Clip Art Animation

Exploration of Ideas

A professional animator usually works with deadlines so sometimes they “forget” to explore more ideas. However, animators who want to take the time to doodle, look for ideas from fellow animators or their friends even taking the time to talk about the animation they are working on can make an animator give birth to interesting ideas that make the animation he makes more interesting. In fact, for some animators, some of the best ideas are not their personal ideas at all, but they come from the collaboration of several creative people who work together. Therefore, when you find an idea, open the internet or look for additional references. Never be afraid to go out of your safe zone to animate your new ideas.

Look for Ways to “Encourage” Your Idea

Focus only on ideas that are really clear in your mind. Although some animators always try to “encourage” their imagination to try new ideas by imitating their friends’ animations, but in reality, not all of the animation’s results look better. So it’s important to keep “pushing” exploring your own ideas.

Birthday Clip Art Animation
Birthday Clip Art Animation

Solve Animations per Frame

Observe the animation that you make in each frame and ask what makes the animation so interesting. Observe in each frame, the time and pose of the animation that you make and give changes to the pose or time of the animation so that it produces a better animation.

Sound Effects

Music or sound effects are one of the important things that need to be included in an animation. Good sound effects are effects that can work in harmony with animation. However, a bad sound effect can even make any good animation look unappealing.

Regarding the music used, it is better if the animator creates his own music to be included in the animation.

Show Your Animation Results

Show your animation to as many friends and bosses as possible, then ask for their opinions. This is very beneficial because if there are additional ideas from them, you can easily fix them.

Birthday Clip Art Animation
Birthday Clip Art Animation

Final Touch

Take the time to make the finishing touches to the animation, including adding detailed fine details to the animation. Even small things like symmetrical facial poses can add value to your animation. Sometimes at the end of this touch, there are details that initially felt trivial and not important to note, it turns out after being repaired can make the animation that was built to be extraordinarily interesting.