Inventive Birthday Clip Art For Man

Inventive birthday clip art for man, people will wait for birthday moments in their life. Most people feel that a birthday is a very special day to celebrate. Kids and women like to celebrate their birthday. Men also like to celebrate it although it seems that they don’t care about their birthday. We can easily find birthday clip art for kids and women, but we will meet a difficulty to find birthday clip art for man

What Is Man Opinion About Inventive Birthday Clip Art?

inventive birthday clip

People usually create the birthday clips arts for kids and women because both categories are easy to create. Birthday clip art for man is rare to find. It is because sometimes men have no concern about having a birthday party. Mostly they think that birthday is just an ordinary birthday with a birthday cake, blowing the candle on the birthday cake, and also the birthday presents.

What Are Usually There on A Birthday Line for Man?

Men like something simple for their life. We can see from the birthday clip art for man. It will be so simple. There are some items that we can use to create a birthday clip for man.

  1. Simple and Elegant

Men like simple things. Most of them avoid something complicated and hyperbolic. It is like a challenge for the creator to create a birthday clip art for man which is simple but still looks elegant.

  1. Avoid Multicolored Images

When kids and women like to have multicolored clip art, men will avoid that and choose to have monochrome color. They prefer something that colorless such as black and white, or dark blue and white. It does not mean that they like pale and light color. Multicolored clips arts are identical to kids and women.

  1. Birthday Cake and Balloons

There are still a birthday cake and balloons in the clip art as it is a birthday clip art. But we can’t find any colorful balloons on the birthday clip art for man. The creator will put a simple birthday cake with candlelight on the top of it and also some balloons with the same color with the concept of the clip art.

  1. Birthday Wishes

As the concept of the clip art is simple, we can use some words art for birthday wishes. Mostly, birthday clip art for men contains only birthday wishes and some imaged that fit the concept. Words arts have many creative fonts that we can use.

  1. Images Described a Man

There are some images that can describe more about a man. We can add that to the birthday clip art for man. There are many things that can describe masculinity of a man, such as his favorite sports, his suit, and his general appearance.

The main point when we want to create birthday clip art for man is straight to the main purpose which is a birthday wish. We should avoid creating birthday clips art which contains many items in it. The birthday clip for man is simple and straight to the aim of it.

Create An Innovative Birthday Clip Art For Kids

A birthday celebration will be very memorable for kids. Kids always have their dreamed birthday party. Kids’ imagination will create various and lovely birthday clip art. People usually use a birthday line art to create a birthday card or birthday wishes.

Birthday Clip Art For Kids with Certain Theme

birthday clip art

Kids are always full of imagination. We can use their imagination to create such birthday clip art. A birthday clip art can represent a lively birthday.

Frequent Components on Birthday Line Arts for Kids

A birthday clip art is a representation of a birthday party. So, more or less the components are mostly the same as a birthday party. There are some components that we can find in birthday clip art for kids. Each component will support each other to create such an attractive birthday line art.

  1. Birthday Cake

A birthday cake is a must component on a birthday. No matter how small or how big it is, there is always a birthday cake on a birthday. The image of a birthday cake should be noticeable so people can easily notice that it is a birthday clip art.

  1. Candles on Birthday Cake

Some small candles on the birthday cake will complete it. A birthday cake without candles on it will be insufficient. It will look like an ordinary cake. The candles will make people notice that it is a birthday cake. The candles should be light on and ready to blow. So, the image of a birthday cake with candles on it will be noticeable.

  1. Colorful Balloons

A birthday party will look lively if there are many balloons there, so it will look like a birthday party. A birthday clip art is also using balloons to emphasize that it is a birthday art. The colorful balloon will describe the cheerfulness on a birthday. The balloons will complete other components such as the birthday cake and the candles to make it more specific as a birthday line art, especially for kids.

  1. Multicolored Ribbons

Some multicolored ribbons can complete the decoration for a birthday party. We can find the ribbons near the balloons. They are usually placed together as the decoration for a birthday party. Birthday line art also needs the ribbons to complete the balloons to make them more likely a lively birthday. Same as the balloons, the ribbons should be colorful also.

  1. Additional Components

Besides the common components on a birthday, some additional components can complete a birthday art. We can also decorate the clip art with some kids in an animation image and also their friends who come to celebrate their birthday. We can add birthday hats on their heads, to show that they are at a birthday party. The one that we cannot forget on a birthday is the presents. Some boxes of birthday presents are components that are common on a birthday. We can also add some fireworks, but it is not usual on a birthday. We can skip it or change it to other components.

Those are some components that we can use to create an innovative birthday clip arts for kids. The one we should remember is a birthday line arts for kids should be attractive, innovative, and multicolored.

History of Clip Art: Birthday Clip Art Funny

Histrory of clip art, birthday clip art funny might be the best way to express your feelings to the loved one. It becomes one popular way to say things without texts, only with images. There are thousands of free clip art funny you can choose on the internet.

History of Clip Art

history of clip art

If you remember the time when you are in school during the 2000s and open your computer, you may find moving images or funny images come up in your documents. That is history of clip art. Clip art can come in several forms, and it can be printed or you can keep it digital. When you think about clip art or images, you need to know that photography is not clip art. Though, we can make clip art from photos or even drawing.

Clip art has been used even before the personal computer is widely used in public. It is applied mostly in the publishing industry. When publishers want to print a newspaper, for instance, they will print the paragraphs first, then they will print other elements or images separately, since they have to clip those elements to the paragraph, and after that, they can get the negative printing plate.

Where to Use Clip Art

Birthday clip art funny can be used as the decoration of your birthday card, or you can make it digitally sent via messages. Other popular zones to use digital clip arts are for presentation, on a seasonal occasion, for invitations or cards, for education purposes, or as cartoons and animation.

Using clip art as animation and cartoons can boost your marketing strategy The 2D animation might attract your customers’ attention. You can also use it for educational purpose, to beautify your school projects, materials, or lesson worksheets.

Another zone to use clip art is for invitations and custom cards. Rather than using a ready-made image, your cards would be more interesting to use a custom-made picture. There are tons of clip art images you can find on the web, which makes people with zero skilled design able to get their birthday clip art funny.

Clip arts are also created for seasonal occasions and celebrations. The creators make it to support newsletter, special offers, or articles. Some clip arts are devoted to Easter, Christmas, wedding, or birthday.

Clip arts are mostly used for presentation. To make it more attractive, people will insert relevant images, or clip art along with their presentation.

Create Your Clip Arts

Tons of digital clip arts are available online. To get it free without any copyright, choose royalty free or public domain images. Clip arts might have copyrights, that you can’t use it for commercial use. Even sometimes you need to pay for its rights.

But now, even if you are zero in skill designs, you can create your clip arts using a daily program you use. Creating clip arts tutorial available online. You can try to make one from your drawing or your available photos. Some will also teach you how to save it into a PNG file or a vector file. Now, create your birthday clip art funny.

Clip Art for Man: What is Birthday Clip Art?

Clip art for man is available free. Go to search, and you will find thousands of free clip art you can use for birthday.

What is Birtday Clipart?

clip art for man

Clip art is an expression used by using graphical images. It can be found in many forms, such as drawings, images, dividers, or decorative texts.

Clip art is often used as decorations. You can find it at brochures, documents, and Web pages. It is also sometimes free, but there are also clip art packages that are sold online. For instance, if you are seeking for birthday clip art for man, there are thousands of clip arts available online.

Citations of  Line arts

Clip art can be used in a presentation. If you take clip art from the internet, and it is not free to use. Like you have to put a citation on it, you need to put a citation.

To cite an image, you can check citation tools provided online to help you put the site. The citation can be placed at the bottom of the slide that contains an image, or right below the image. You can also put it at the end of the presentation.

File Formats and Image rights

It is important to know the file formats of clip arts so that you can download it depending on your needs. There are two types of file formats, vector graphics, and bitmap, like birthday clip art for man, which can be found in some forms depending on its use. You can simply download it, but some images do not come free. The usage rights and copyrights are important so that the clip art can be used in a permitted and legal way.

Vector graphics describe the images as lines, points, curves, or polygons. To give resolution independence, you can choose this file format. The image can be scaled to any size. The pros of having vector graphics is that you can edit it more easily. Vector graphics clip art gives you high-quality images and flexible experience.

While the bitmap file format comes with gray or checkboard background, and when you download, the gray background will be transparent. The cons for downloading bitmap formats are that they are fixed format that when you print it the resolution is fixed.

The categories of image rights are divided into three, rights-managed, royalty-free, and public domain.

The rights managed means that you have fully to pay to get your desired clip art. This category declines for the past few years since people prefer the free one. While if you choose the royalty-free category, people can freely download the images they want, but they can only use it for non-profit activities or personal use.

For the public domain category, you can use the images free, which makes this category becomes the most popular type that people choose. But you need to see carefully whether the author asks you the permissions or not since not all vendors give full access for people to take images without permission.

It gives us a bit of confusion, because sometimes people download clip art images free on the internet, and they edit the image into a fully different image. That brand-new image is copyrightable by the editor. Now, try to search your best birthday clip art for man.

Clip Art Inspirations to Add to Birthday Cards

A birthday is a special moment for most people. This is why it is not surprising that most people love to celebrate their birthdays. When you are invited to a birthday party, you should bring a gift, complete with a birthday card. However, some people find it hard to create or design one. If you face the same problem, one of the ideas that you can try is adding clip art. Below are some inspirations for clip art you can add to a birthday card.

Suit and Tie

The first inspiration is suit and tie. Suit and tie clip art is the most suitable clip art if you want to give a birthday card for a man. There are so many unique suit and tie clip arts that you can pick. This kind of clip art looks simple though, as it uses accents of a suit. You can also insert this suit and tie clip art to a birthday card for your little brother.


Bulb clip art brings the impression that your friend will have a bright life in the future. It will make their birthday party cheerful. Bulb clip art makes the birthday card looks cheerful yet simple. You just need to add some words to wish your friend a happy birthday with suitable fonts. Are you interested to try this clip art?


Most men do not really like something that looks too much and tacky. So, it will be better if you choose a simple clip art. You can opt for the ones with only the words of a happy birthday. But, consider the font and colors as well. It will be better if you choose clip art that uses only one font and 2 different colors. This way, the birthday card will not look tacky.


Water Color

Water color is getting popular today for any greeting cards, including a birthday card. So, if you want to follow the trend, try to find clip art that shows water color designs. Or, you can also make it yourself if you love to do DIYs. All you need are watercolors and markers. Rely on your creativity and you will be able to create a decorative and personal birthday card with watercolor designs.


Cactus has the meaning of efforts, sincerity, and purity. It is a unique plant that you can use as clip art. Look for cactus clip art that has color gradations of green. Then, you just have to add the words of Happy Birthday in the middle. The birthday card will surely look simple yet decorative. This kind of clip art is neutral. So that you can add it to a birthday card for both men and women.


Candles are extremely identical to birthdays. So, if you do not know what clip art you should use, candle clip art is a quick solution. Such a clip art will make the birthday card looks decorative and unique. You can choose any colors. From color gradations of blue or bright colors. Type happy birthday in a hand-writing font.

Entertaining and Creative Birthday Clip Art

The clip art is one of the works of art. We can categorize it as arts also. We need creative skills to design clip art. A birthday clip art is one of the easiest clip art to create. A creative birthday clip art is a very common category. People will search more specific to the entertaining, absurd, and creative birthday clip art.

What is Entertaining and Creative Birthday Clip Art?

A birthday clip art is a very interesting work of art. I can be entertaining and creative to attract people to see. Entertaining means adding something funny and absurd that can interest people. We can add funny images or silly animation and some words of jokes to the clip art without diverging from the main topic.

How to Design Entertaining Creative Birthday Clip Art?

Creativity is the skill that we need to design clip art, especially for birthday clip art. There are many components to join so that the clip art is having a connection with each component. There are some steps to design entertaining and creative birthday clip art.

Creative Birthday Clip Art
Creative Birthday Clip Art
  1. Decide the Age Range and Gender

Before we start to design birthday clip art, we should choose our focus. We have to focus on which categories. Different ranges of age will be a different concept. Different gender also needs to arrange differently. A birthday clip art for kids will be different from a birthday clip art for adults. Besides the arrangement, we have to give attention to the composition of the colors. It will affect more to the sense in the clip art. For kids and women, we need more colors. But, for men, we can compose monochrome color.

  1. Collect the Components

We can start by making a list of the components. There are many components for a birthday clip art. Choosing the correct components will be important to avoid hyperbolic clip art that will ruin the other components. All the components should be balanced and connect each component. For birthday clip art, the components are the birthday cake with candles, the balloons, the birthday wishes, the birthday presents, and some additional components. For our reminder, too many components will make the clip art looks crowded and decrease its meaning.

  1. Arrange the Concept

After collecting the components, we have to arrange a good concept for our birthday clip art. Then, we apply all the components according to our concept of arrangement. The arrangement of the components should be acceptable.

  1. Add Some Entertaining Components

If we want to design an entertaining and creative birthday clip art, we choose the additional components carefully. Those components should blend with our concept. Entertaining components include silly jokes and funny animation and cartoons. Even an absurd animation can be entertaining also.

We may design entertaining and creative clip art, but we cannot forget about politeness. Let’s create an entertaining and creative birthday clip art in a good way without any rudeness and racism in it. Clip art will be more interesting if it is simple and meaningful so that people can obtain the message inside the clip art well.

9 Tips for Shooting a Happy Birthday Video

Yup, it’s time for another birthday greetings. As long as you have birthday clip arts in hand, everything is a lot simpler. Now, let’s say you want to use those clip arts in a video. But, first, you need to make sure that you shoot the proper video for the birthday greetings.

Having a sophisticated camera is not a guarantee that the picture will be good, we must know how to shoot properly.

  1. 1. Preparation

Have a planning stage because not all shoots are spontaneous. A little preparation is not the same as no preparation at all. It is good to have a fixed mind about what you will be shooting. Have an idea about how to stream video in general.

Happy Birthday Video
Happy Birthday Video
  1. 2. Check Sound

These tips may not be important for household users. But if you are a professional videographer, you must have a microphone installed on your camcorder. Microphones are important tools so that sound produces better audio quality. Remember, the voice says almost half of what you want to describe in your video.

  1. Avoid Zooming In and Out Too Much

Digital camcorders are currently produced with super duper features 1000x zoom in and zoom out. This is a good thing, but the problem is that many people get carried away using this feature without knowing what the weak point is. Use this zoom in and out feature to a minimum. Even if you have to use it, do it slowly. Using this feature slowly is much more professional than using a fast zoom.

  1. Use a Tripod

Most homemade videos will shake the image, and that’s very uncomfortable to look at. And to overcome that you need a Tripod to keep your camera calm and not shake when you take pictures.

Happy Birthday Video
Happy Birthday Video
  1. Position the Shooting well

A bad cameraman is He who is lazy to move places. Move, move your body to aim the cleanest video shot without any obstruction. Look for the best angle shoot position in your opinion. Have multiple images in various angles. The more ingredients you can get the more choices you can have. If the recording fails, another angle shot can cover for it. Try not to move while the camera is still working (RECORD)

  1. 6. Short & Simple

Never shoot a video clip for more than two minutes. Using many short clips of 10 to 20 seconds duration is much more effective.

Short & Simple
Short & Simple
  1. 7. Avoid Backlight

Do not force against light, Avoid strong light in front of you, you must turn your back to the light source, if you are forced to fight it by using lighting / lighting, you can also use a reflector, but that is for subjects at close range.

  1. 8. Lighting

You need to have your own lighting system to help the camera that we have. The thing that damages the video is bad lighting. I have seen some innovative videos damaged by bad lighting. keep in mind that keeping a well-lit area is very important for the success of the shoot. Especially for shooting indoors.

4 Essential Tips to Make Birthday Cards with Online Birthday Clip Arts

Birthdays are proof of excitement that can’t be bought with money and is also a great time to share happiness with family and friends. One way is to surprise you with a beautifully designed birthday card.

Happy birthday cards are always present and coloring the birthday love, for that you can make a card that contains these congratulations to always be remembered forever.

Birthday Clip Arts
Birthday Clip Arts

The method is quite easy, you can replace the usual birthday card with an original design that you made with all your heart. Like the following examples.

  1. Take advantage of Used Buttons

button happy birthday cards Has your shirt been taken off or kept at home with buttons? Instead of unused better use it to decorate your birthday card.

After cutting the cardboard (or other material) for the card, stick and assemble some used buttons on the front of the card. Then draw a small rope that depicts as if hanging the button from above.

Then you can add leaves or dried branches as a sweetener. Or you can also use ribbons and lace to decorate the edges of the cards.

  1. Use Used Goods at Home

secondhand happy birthday cards Your mother or sister likes to collect unused items at home? It turns out these objects can be useful you know, like when you want to make a birthday card yourself.

To make a minimalist happy birthday card, stick a piece of gift paper on cardboard. Then flannel scissors as you wish, for example the shape of a star to symbolize decorations or decorations of birthday trees. You can also attach metal buttons on the edge of the card to make it even more beautiful.

  1. Creative Thinking

One icon that is always found on birthdays is Santa Claus’ balloon. Think creatively to include birthday elements such as balloons in your happy birthday card decorations.

Creative Thinking
Creative Thinking

Draw balloons on the card using these objects. First, draw and color the balloon using colored pencils or brown markers on cardboard. Then stick a small wire or matchstick that has been cut as part of a balloon. Paste also beads for the balloon.

  1. Use some Birthday Clip Arts

Another easy way to make a birthday card is to stick a birthday-themed clip arts you can find online for free. Select and combine the birthday clip arts that you like and stick them on the front and on the cards. To be more beautiful you can add a ribbon or other ornaments on the edge of the card. In this way, you can make your Birthday card a lot more interesting and beautiful.

It’s just that, besides greeting via social media, it never hurts to make our own Happy happy birthday cards for certain people. Despite spending time and energy, a self-made Happy birthday card certainly makes it more special.

Make Your Own Birthday Card with Amazing Birthday Clip Arts!

In addition to stay in touch and eat together, exchanging birthday birthday cards is also a tradition when birthdays arrive. The cards sent are usually filled with interesting sentences and decorations for the reader, whether family, friends, or coworkers. The sentence can be in the form of congratulations celebrating birthdays, apologies, and wishes for birthdays the following year.

Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
Amazing Birthday Clip Arts

If the previous year gave a ready-made birthday card by buying it in an offline or online store, how about this year the birthday card is made by yourself? No need to worry about bad results, by following a few tips that have been summarized, your birthday card can be far more interesting and unique. Come on, see and immediately practiced!

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials Needed

The first step is to prepare the tools and materials needed to make birthday birthday cards, such as origami paper, cardboard, glue, scissors, stationery, and crayons. Prepare complete tools and materials, making birthday cards easier and faster. Don’t forget to prepare additional ingredients, such as ribbons or beads if you need them. Adjust the number of Birthday card recipients so that the items purchased are not redundant.

Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
Amazing Birthday Clip Arts
  1. Create a Birthday Card Framework

What kind of birthday card do you want? Is that a birthday card that is plain or shaped in such a way? Rather than most asking inwardly, it’s better to prepare the skeleton first. Make 2-3 frames at once as an additional option if the first frame is less attractive. You can also benefit from free birthday clip arts that are available online.

Adjust the outline of the card to your taste and the age of the person who receives it later. Avoid birthday cards that are too up to date if the recipient is old. Because the enthusiasm of parents is much different from the enthusiasm of young people that enjoy bola 88.

  1. Use the Right Technique

Making a birthday card yourself isn’t difficult, but it can’t be taken lightly either. However, you must pay attention to the correct manufacturing techniques so that the birthday cards you make are far more attractive than those sold in stores. Take the time to learn card making techniques, especially for the cutting section. Any good image design will definitely be damaged if cut in the wrong way.

  1. Prepare interesting words

Avoid monotonous words, like “Happy Birthday” or just apologize in the opening sentence. Try using more interesting words so that the person who receives it becomes more enthusiastic about reading your gift card. For example, interspersed with rhymes or sentences containing comedy, poetry and so on.

Prepare interesting words
Prepare interesting words
  1. Include Recipient’s Name

Make sure you include the names of the recipients, in an interesting way of course. This will make it easier for you when you need to give the birthday cards to the right person. To avoid damaging the contents and decoration of the cards, you can stick sticky notes at the top of the birthday birthday card. After reading it later, the recipient can save the birthday card.

5 Ways to Design a Birthday Card with Proper Clip Arts

Giving a birthday card can show you’re your true friendship or any kind of affection in a good way. But unfortunately, the same birthday card design can make the recipient feel bored. As a result, after copying the info on the birthday card, they then discard it because it was deemed unnecessary. Another case if the birthday card you provide has an attractive design. People will feel sorry to throw it away so that it is finally saved. Want to make birthday cards like this? Here are the tips.

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card
  1. 3W Must Be Clear

The essence of birthday cards is who, what, and wish. These three things must be clearly displayed. Your name, status (whether friends, best friends, boyfriends, etc.), and your hopes for him must be conveyed to the reader of your birthday card. It is also important to include a company logo if available. This will make it easy for your colleagues to remember. Do not forget to also include contacts that can be contacted such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and website addresses. You can also add some birthday clip art in order to make it more cheerful.

  1. Easy to read

The choice of font style, color, and size of letters that are less appropriate can make the info on the birthday card difficult to read. Don’t be tempted to use weird font styles or choose font sizes that are too small. What is visible on a computer screen is not necessarily the same result when printed. Therefore, before printing, pay close attention when designing. What does it mean to make a birthday card if it’s hard to read?

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card
  1. Colorful or Simple?

Designing birthday cards that involve lots of colors can make it interesting, but of course if the right color combination is used. Colorful birthday cards can show the impression of originality and cheerfulness. But that does not mean simple color designs are less attractive. If you want the recipient of the birthday card to more easily remember the info inside, simple color design plays an important role in that.

  1. Consistent Color Shades

Consistent here means, the color concept that you use on the birthday card should also reflect the color that indicates the identity of the recipient of karu. For example if he is a jolly on one beauty website, which website uses blue as the dominant color, then your birthday card should also use the same color.

  1. Insert Image

If your company sells building materials, poker online, beauty products, or car rental, then including pictures relating to the celebration will make it easy for people to remember. Images can convey intentions better than a collection of text. Prepare more space for laying this image, for example in the middle (can be made as a background if the image is too large).

Design a Birthday Card
Design a Birthday Card

Sending a greeting at someone’s birthday, is a kind of necessity for some people. In the past, we sent greeting cards by post. Then, which is now rife in this digital era, sending greeting cards can be done via e-mail or other social media applications. However, just make sure you know what kind of birthday clip art to use.